Guimarães Free Tour

Guimarães Free Tour


Get to know the origin of Portugal through 3.000 years of history, castles, counts and churches, and see the unmissable things this city has to offer.

  When: daily
  Where: Nossa Sra. da Consolação
w  Languages:  English en,  español es

}  Time: 10:30 & 15:00
  Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
  Price: Free

Our Guimarães Free Tour starts in front of the Church of Nossa Senhora da Consolação e Santos Passos, known by locals as the Church of São Gualter, the Franciscan monk who came to Portugal in 1217 and stayed in town. Did you know that there was a battle in this city that was fought with flowers? And we will continue through the streets out of the walls and visit special places like the Church of São Francisco and the amazing Zona dos Couros, where we will see the old tanks where leather workers used to dye and soften it.

As we approach the Largo do Toural we will talk about Aqui nasceu Portugal (Portugal was born here), written on the Defense Tower and, after crossing it, we will enter the historic center of Guimarães. Full of picturesque squares and narrow streets of medieval origin, we will travel to the birth of the Nation. One of these squares is the unforgettable Largo da Oliveira, with the beautiful Gothic sanctuary of Padrão do Salado right in front of the church of Nossa Senhora da Oliveira. Why was it built? What secret is it hiding? These and other questions will be answered as we enter the heart of the Historic Center of Guimarães.

Approaching the Guimarães Castle along the beautiful Rua de Santa Maria, we will learn the story of two brave men: Countess Mumadona Dias and the King of Pegu, an important historical figure from the Age of Discovery. The historic center is rich in legends, which we will uncover as we go through the Paço dos Duques de Bragança and the church of São Miguel do Castillo. At the top of Monte Lalito (known as the Sacred Mount) is the Castle, built 1000 years ago in a sacred place that invokes mythical, ancient battles and even great poems.

Highlights of the Guimarães Free Tour

N  Discover why it is said that Portugal was born in this city
N  Delve into the gloomy and medieval legends of Guimarães
N  Stroll through the historic center as you travel through 3,000 years of history
N  Admire churches, castles, towers, streets, squares… and a lot more!

What we’ll see in the Guimarães Free Tour

  Guimarães Castle
  Nossa Senhora da Consolação
  Zona dos Couros

  Largo do Toural
  Defense Tower
  Padrão do Salado

Meeting Point

  Meeting Point: Church of Nossa Senhora da Consolação

Right in front of the temple.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can your tours be free?

Our Free Tours are based on tips only! Part of this will go to cover marketing and operational expenses. In this way we achieve great quality in the tours, immense guest satisfaction and that we also make sure that, regardless of the budget, everyone can enjoy Guimarães as much as we do.

In which language is the tour?

The Guimarães Free Tour is in English and in Spanish.

When does the tour run?

The Guimarães Free Tour runs daily, at 10:45, and also at 15:00 on Saturdays.

How long is the tour?

The Guimarães Free Tour lasts for approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, but it can be a little longer depending on the rhythm of the group.

Is it suitable for people with reduced mobility or babies in a stroller?

No, the Guimarães Free Tour is not recommended if this is your situation.

We're a big group. Can we still join?

We always try not to leave anyone out but, sometimes with large groups, it is difficult to organize the tour and the guides. Groups of 7 or more are always welcomed, but we require a prepayment of 10€ per adult and 5€ per youngster (14 – 18 years). This principle results from the need to protect and value the level of quality and dedication of our guides.


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