Free Walking Tours Lisbon


Lisbon Free Tour

Come discover Lisbon, the City of the Seven Hills! From the commercial streets of the Baixa to the narrow alleys of the Bairro Alto, join us and get to know the city (almost) like ourselves!

Baixa     Chiado     Bairro Alto     Squares & Gardens     Churches

  english  EN   español  ES         Praça dos Restauradores        2 h 45 min

  english  EN   español  ES       2 h 45 min


Alfama Free Tour

Tavel through Phoenician, Roman and Arabic heritage, and understand Lisbon’s identity and culture and discover our white, narrow Old Town filled with heritage, fado music and the smell of grilled sardines.

 Alfama     Viewpoints    Tram 28     Traditions     Old Town

  english  EN   español  ES          Casa do Bico          2 h 30 min

  english  EN   español  ES       2 h 30 min


Lisbon Sunset Free Tour

Visit the picturesque neighborhoods of Mouraria and Graça and finish the tour with a spectacular sunset on an amazing viewpoint over the city next to some of Lisbon’s most iconic landmarks.

Mouraria    Graça    Viewpoints & gardens    National Pantheon

  english  EN   español  ES          Praça da Figueira          2 h 30 min

  english  EN   español  ES        2 h 30 min


Belém Free Tour

Dive into Portugal’s Age of Discovery while seeing the Belém Tower, the Jerónimos Monastery and trying some of its best known sweets: the mouth-watering pastéis de nata.

Tower     Monastery     Pastéis de Belém     Riverside walk

  english  EN   español  ES        Jardim A. de Albuquerque        2 h 30 min

  english  EN   español  ES       2 h 30 min


Alternative Free Tour

See the other side of Lisbon! Admire the street art, graffiti and, overall, the urban contrasts of the Mouraria and Graça neighborhoods while we dive into their narrow streets, viewpoints, and life.

Mouraria     Graça     Viewpoints     Street art, graffiti and murals

  english  EN   español  ES          Martim Moniz          2 h 30 min

  english  EN   español  ES       2 h 30 min


Fado Free Tour

Understand the soul of Lisbon and, eventually, of Portugal. Hear fado’s true sound and dive into the essence of this melancholic music with a true fado singer, who will be your guide!

History     Live singing     Mouraria     Alfama     Casas de fado

  english  EN   español  ES          Martim Moniz         2 h 30 min

  english  EN   español  ES       2 h 30 min

from 83€

Lisbon at Night

Discover the charms of Lisbon, in a night of fados in Alfama: when the sun sets, the city comes alive again, with plenty of entertainment and nightlife options to suit all tastes. Come enjoy that with us!

Dinner included    Live Fado    Belém Tower     Transport

  english  EN   español  ES   portugues  PT          Hotel pick-up          5 hours

  english  EN   español  ES   portugues  PT       5 hours

from 180€

Lisbon See-it-All

Cover the best in Lisbon, in half a day or a full day! Enjoy all the sights in this wonderful private tour through Lisbon, from the Belém and all the way to Alfama, and don’t miss a single thing.

Bairro Alto     Baixa     Alfama     Belém     Private guide

  english  EN   español  ES   portugues  PT   français  FR   deutsch  DE   italiano  IT          Pick-up         4 or 8 hours

  english  español  portugues  français  deutsch  italiano       4 or 8 h

from 75€

Sintra and Cascais Day Trip

Get out of the busy city and discover some of the most well-known sights Portugal has to offer. From the hills of Sintra to the shores of Cascais, join this day trip from Lisbon and see what you’d have missed!

Sintra    Cascais    Pena Palace    Quinta da Regaleira

  english  EN   español  ES          Praça da Figueira         9 hours
  english  EN   español  ES       9 hours

What is exactly a Free Tour?

A Free Tour is different than any other kind of tour: they’re based on tips only! Part of this covers marketing and operational expenses, which are usually very high. This way we achieve great quality in the tours, high guest satisfaction and we also make sure that, regardless of the budget, everyone can enjoy Lisbon as much as we do.

Free Tours Lisbon

Our Free Walking Tours in Lisbon will make you feel like home in this beautiful city! From the hills of Alfama and the Mouraria to the glamorous Baixa and Chiado, all the way up again into the Bairro Alto and even further, all the way to marvelous and delicious Belém, join one of our groups and discover Lisbon through the eyes of a local.

We don’t like lecturing you with years and names of people. Our tours are a fun way of discovering each city, not only its history but also its traditions, legends and way of life, by the hands of experienced locals! At Free Tour Portugal we think that anyone should be able to enjoy our country and that this is the best way to expand culture and achieve fairer prices for everyone.

Come enjoy Lisbon with us. Book now one of our fabulous Free Walking Tours in Lisbon!